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Hey there! I'm Erica Frene pronounced Fren-nay or Fren-nee. I'm an italian mutt from Boston, Ma. If you ever met me look out, because I talk wildly with my hands. I've been performing ever since I was about 5 years old, producing my own backyard content. Acting is my one true thing. I've always wanted to be an actor, I went to college for theatre arts and when I got out was pushed away from the profession because it wasn't practical. As I was pushed through many other professions, personal trainer, auto show model, sales, postpartum doula and of course bartender, I was always pulled back to acting. Finally when I got the chance to move to Los Angeles with one of the many other professions, I had a plan, I would learn the lay of the land and I didn't care what would happen to my 401k and health insurance, I had to be an actor. Which brings me many many years later to this page now. I will tell you, I stink at social media at a time when it is so important to be good at something, I'm trying. Here is something I can tell you that is the absolute truth, I am in this for the long haul. For most of us actors this is truly a marathon or it's really several marathons and each job I book is like reaching another finish line. I know this because I have run a couple of real marathons, you put in the work and every once in a while you get to finish. And then you begin to train for the next.

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